SpotOn Floor 200 Monomeric PVC Film for Floors

Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 - B1 & R10 vinyl floor media

Drytac SpotOn® Floor 200 is a print media for short-term, indoor floor graphics without the need for lamination. It boasts a postprinted R-10 anti-slip rating, which allows for vibrant, slip-resistant floor graphics. Floor 200 can be applied to multiple flooring surfaces including short pile carpets, floor or ceramic tiles, sealed wood, concrete, waxed vinyl, marble, terrazzo surfaces and more.

SpotOn® Floor 200 has been specifically developed for a simple, easy and tool-free installation. Thanks to a unique dot-pattern printed pressure-sensitive polyacrylate adhesive. It can also be cleanly and quickly removed within six months of application.

B1 Fire safety accredited for public safety

SpotOn Floor 200 product has achieved Class B1 Fire Rating. This means Drytac’s removable film for floor graphics can be used in public areas and other locations that have to adhere to tight fire regulations.

R10 slip resistant for public safety

SpotOn Floor 200 is an 8 mil printable, R10 slip resistant and “low slip potential” rated monomeric PVC film with a unique Drytac created removable adhesive. This adhesive has a unique dot-pattern that allows for easy, bubble-free application of graphics to most flat surfaces without the need for tools. It does not require over lamination and can be installed and removed with ease, making it ideal for numerous indoor non-slip floor graphics applications.

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