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ReTac polymeric PVC film

Drytac ReTac Smooth, 6 mil (150μ), white polymeric printable PVC film with ReTac® ultra-removable adhesive technology is designed for graphics that need to be easily installed, removed and re-positioned. Dimensionally stable, ReTac® Smooth 150 can be applied and repositioned multiple times without stretching or tearing. And, with ReTac® on the back, you never have to worry about adhesive setting up, being left behind, or damaging the surface it is adhered to when graphics are removed.ReTac® Smooth 150 has a Class 0 Fire Rating for surface spread of flame.

Create Moving Graphics

ReTac Smooth 150 Polymeric PVC film enables you to install, remove and reposition graphics without leaving residue on the surface. The printable self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for many indoor wall graphic applications. You can print, remove and reposition graphics on a range of surfaces.

ReTac Smooth 150 is a 6 mil (150μ) white polymeric printable PVC film coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology. This allows you to design and print displays for when you need to easily install, remove and reposition graphics.

Leave your mark with graphics, not residue

Many removable adhesives have a tendency to form strong bonds over time. The polymeric self-adhesive vinyl incorporates Drytac’s Adhesive Science to produce a PVC film that maintains its adhesive strength over time. This means the printable vinyl adheres the same way every time without damaging the underlying surface when it is removed.

Interesting article on wall graphics - Fail to prepare or prepare to fail! - authored by Dave Newbery, Drytac Regional Sales Manager.

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