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Fujifilm getFIT Jet Press 750S cost comparisson tool

Fujifilm’s getFIT, is a FREE comparison tool to show the savings printers can make by investing in a Jet Press 750S. getFIT is a web-based app for potential customers to discover the economic benefits of the Jet Press compared with offset printing.

Based on a printer’s specific jobs and requirements, getFIT can estimate the ink usage as well as the cost and speed of printing for both the Jet Press and offset, providing a real-life comparison with existing offset printing equipment. The getFIT tool allows Jet Press sales specialists to process a variety of print files that represent a cross-section of work, as well as entering existing offset costs, to evaluate, job by job, which would be best run on a Jet Press.

getFIT: key features

  • Allows rapid upload and analysis of multiple PDF files.
  • Estimates ink usage of customer jobs.
  • Estimates cost and speed of printing on Jet Press vs Offset.
  • Shows which jobs are best suited to Jet Press and which to Offset.

In order to complete an informative analysis and provide a good comparison, Fujifilm will typically request the client uploads a minimum of 50 un-imposed PDF’s alongside the run lengths. The results of the analysis can normally be fed back within 48 hours.

Mark Stephenson, Product Manager, Digital Printing and Press Systems, Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA, comments: “The Jet Press 750S is transforming an increasing number of businesses across Europe and beyond, but in our discussions with printers, initially they often don’t believe just how much the Jet Press can save them, whether that’s in terms of cost, time or ink usage. This comparison tool helps us provide a realistic indication of just how much they can save, as it is based on their real-life job requirements. The feedback has been very positive, with a number of prospective customer scenarios showing great results.”

Printers looking to explore the savings they can make with a Jet Press 750S should contact Jim Fox: 07703 461 163, Clive Allum: 07557 281 479 or Stuart Dewar: 07867 454 438 to arrange a getFIT analysis.

For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571 -
Jim Fox: 07703 461 163 - Richard Anderson: 07867 459 266 - Clive Allum: 07557 281 479 - Stuart Dewar: 07867 454 438

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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

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