B1 CtP Platesetter - PlateRite HD 8900N-Z/S/E

The new Screen PlateRite HD 8900N range comprises the Z, S, and E models, each one designed to meet the needs of different production environments and offers lower power consumption and increased environmental benefits.

Re-designed the Platerite HD 8900N CtP platesetter series can image over 65 plates an hour.Screen PlateRite 8900n B1 platesetter

The PlateRite HD 8900N series has been developed with the goal of minimising energy use and environmental impact. Energy use during operation has been cut by up to 43%, and a power-saving mode allows energy savings of up to 88% during idling. Together these savings greatly strengthen the environmental credentials of the PlateRite HD 8900 series.

The top-end, high-output PlateRite HD 8900N-Z can image up to 70 plates an hour (1,030 x 800 mm plate sizes at a resolution of 2,400 dpi). The S and E models deliver 48 and 36 plates an hour respectively, with the additional capability to combine high-precision halftone dots with a 4,000 dpi output to produce photo-quality printing. 3D lenticular output mode is available on all models to support crisp 3D printing. Features such as these support high value-added printing to enhance differentiation in the marketplace.

Production flexibility is a strong feature of this new Screen PlateRite series. All models can handle a variety of plate sizes from 304 x 305 mm to 1,165 x 950 mm making it ideal to support a wide range of offset presses. In addition, a new autoloader design features improved operability and flexibility. The ability to load plates during continuous exposure, results in increased production volumes and the ability to keep pace with the needs of multiple jobs and high-speed presses.

  • High-speed output of up to 70 plates per hour
  • Variety of plate sizes for different presses
  • Creation of sharper halftone dots with the latest technology
  • High-resolution output of 4,000 dpi
  • Compatibility with lenticular output mode
  • Automation Autoloader maximizes productivity
  • Loading of plates during processing

Screen PlateRite 8900N Z S & E - Brochure Download - View Video