Fujifilm Coatmax litho chemistry

CoatMax from Fujifilm offers advanced technology that help printers achieve better visual effects and personalised finishing.

Combining pressroom knowledge with the right coatings can show good results - by helping printers achieve the personalised finishing that customers expect.

Through the CoatMax range of water-based and UV coatings, Fujifilm provides a virtually limitless choice of visual effects – all while achieving the highest standards of product protection and meeting your specific requirements.

Choosing CoatMax UV finishes opens a variety of moods and atmospheres in printed form. Water-based CoatMax super-gloss finishes rival the gloss qualities of UV. High-gloss coated double-sided effects are achieved with ease.

Providing superb results whatever the substrate — along with trouble-free application, fast drying, high wet block and rub resistance — CoatMax products offer the versatility printers need.

Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.
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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

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