Fujifilm Superia ZE Processless Plate

Fujifilm Superia ZE universal Processless litho plate

The Superia ZE is a high-performance universal processless CTP plate for commercial litho printers. Superia ZE is the latest innovative processless plate from Fujifilm. This NEW Processless plate technology can be used by short to medium run commercial printers, who can now take full advantage of all the benefits of going processless.

No Processor - No Chemistry - No Water - No Waste

The plate just needs to be imaged and mounted on press, making it the most efficient offset production process.

Fujifilm’s next generation processless plate is ready to advance your commercial offset production to new levels of efficiency. With excellent robustness - Annodised layer on both sides to ensure no scratching - Much better visible Image than ZP or ZD - 'it really is quite an improvement' - Improved run length and UV ink ability. Superia ZE plates deliver long run lengths, consistent high quality, and the best on-press performance in the industry. It is also compatible with UV inks.

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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

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